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Scribbled notes of a rouge Lupe [entries|friends|calendar]

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Muahaha [12 Dec 2004|07:14am]
[ mood | elated ]

Muahahaha! New icon!

sneak past the guards

[11 Dec 2004|08:10am]
[ mood | elated yet confused ]

I pressed down on the cloud. Yup, it was the real deal. So if this was Jhundora's cloud, then where was Jhun-

"Hello, my pretty," cooed Jhundora.

"BWAAH!" Guess who that was.

One hour later...

"So Fyora took away your Spyder powers? Not a wise idea on her behalf. Now she has one more enemy in this world." Jhundora walked around me, looking at me like I was a slab of meat. Then something materialized in her hands, a sort of thin staff with a hook on the end. It was all black.

"For you, my pretty," she cooed. I grabbed the staff and bolted out of there.

So I tried it out. It's a perfect theives weapon! (Probably because Sly cooper has a similar one.)

Why the heck would Jhundora do that for me? Maybe she wants a pawn in the Neopian Crime League. I am determined not to be that pawn. I better take the staff to Gremdit. She'll be able to rid the staff of any traces of Jhundora's power without her knowing.

sneak past the guards

MUST KILL. [09 Dec 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | Ticked off. Need I say more? ]

I've never really liked the Faerie Queen. She's such a goody-goody.

But now, I hate her with such a burning passion that I feel like I'll explode.

So, what happened waaaas:

I had successfully burgled a house in Faerieland. After sending the loot home with a faithful taxi driver (you get great connections in the official Neopian Crime League), I decided to take a walk. I was somewhere near Faerie Castle when I bumped into something extremely hard... and invisible to boot.

Rubbing my nose, I looked up at the not-quite-there thing and realised what it was.

The Hidden Tower! The one place that no theif has ever sucessfully burgled. But, I'm not yer average theif...

And the Spyder powers were working great for me.

So I put one paw on the invisible surface of the hidden tower... and felt the touch of a hand on my neck.


I turned around... and looked into the face of the Faerie Queen.

"Poor dear! You've been touched by the powers of darkness! They've given you Spyder powers, you poor thing! Here, let me take them off for you!"

Before I could protest, she put a hand on my ear. I felt something drain out of me. Then I put a paw on the hidden surface of the tower. It slid down.

Fyora was attempting to hug me, saying some junk about that it was going to be alright. I shoved her off.

"Its not going to be alright! You ruined it! You ruined everything!"

The next thing I knew, I was running toward the edge of the cloud, determined to end it all. I took a flying leap off the edge and...

Landed on something squishy and purple. Jhundora's cloud!

To be continued because I'm lazy...

sneak past the guards

Blarhegad. [04 Nov 2004|06:16pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Ooooy, am I tired. I know its been over a week, but, I was so tired from the mission that I just woke up. So anyway, here's what happened.

In exactly a week (I had spent a lot of time scouting out the house and buying new equiptment) I was headed to the Neohome that I had to burgle.

To my surprise, I met up with Arin on the way there. She nearly gave me a heart attack.

"ARIN! What the heck are you doing here?"

"This is where one of my old owners lived, doofus. I'm trying to find out about my past." An angry purple light burned at the tip of her tail. I gulped.

"I have an assignment to do. I have to burgle this house or..." I let it trail. She nodded, and the light at the end of her tail went out. Then she said the two words that saved my life.

"I'll help."

We made a plan. She would go and talk to the owner (and an Acara ex-sibling)about her past (and distract her) while I stole the whats-it-called artefact. If she got chased out of the house before I stole that artefact thingy, she would cast an invisibility spell and join me. Urg. Magic makes me queasy. So we went our separate ways. She rang the doorbell, I took out my web claw and shot a web up to the windowsill high above. I began to reel myself in. Then something bad happened.

I heard a snicker above me. A green Gelert head (I expect it was Yoricko) popped out of the open window.

"Sayonara, sucker!" he howled as he took out a knife and cut the web. I dropped like a rock. I was pawing the air, trying to find a pawhold, when Yoricko got sick of watching me fall and took out a huge thingy that shoots fireballs. (I'm not that good with item names.) I had managed to hook a paw around a windowsill, and was ready to drop at any moment.

"Boom!" Yoricko howled as he shot it. The fireball hit my forgotten-about Web Claw. I fell off the windowsill, still scrabbling for a hold. Then, I just stopped.

"Huh... wha?" I was clinging to the wall! Which is, by-the-way, impossible. So either I'm part Petpet or I got that Web Claw fused to my paw. I'm not going to stick around to find out. I scuttled up the wall as fast as I could. Yoricko stared at me, eyes popping out of his furry, green head. With a hard right hook, I dropped him. Then I tied him up with rope and dangled him out the window. (Who said I'm kind?) Then I began my sojourn inside the house, pausing to pick up the fireball-shooting thingy. It would probably get a good price on the black market.

Finally, I had explored every room but one. The living room where Arin was chatting with the owner-person and her Acara. I gulped. The only way around was, up.

I was perched on the ceiling, looking down at the owner's head. She was holding that artefact-kabod-whatsit in her hands. Oh, triplefungebalony. Then she asked Arin her name.

"My name is Arin24_2001."

Oh, boy, did that set her off. She started screaming, and yelling, and waving the artefact at Arin. Then, doing something that I thought was only possible in comic books, I shot a web down and lowered myself to the floor.

"Its two-on-one, you useless (censored) owner!" I pulled out the fireball-thingy. The light re-appeared at the end of Arin's tail. The owner's eyes narrowed. Then all h-e-double-hockey-sticks broke loose. The Acara came galumphing into the room.

"Ilisa, they got Yoricko! Quick, get them before..." The Acara's gaze came to us. "DIE!!"

I leaped forward to engage Ilisa while Arin howled a fire spell that the Acara dodged. I'm pretty sure Arin tail-whipped it, but then I had wrestled that Artefact-thing-kabob-WHATEVER away from Ilisa and was runing out the door, away. Arin soon followed, a bright red light burning at the tip of her tail and a cut over her left eye.

"C'mon, run, COWARD!" she yelled, leaping into the air. I shot a web into the darkness. It stuck! I retracted it and....

"I'm safe!" I yelled happily. Then I saw what my web was stuck to. I gulped. Inside the armored car, a face leered out at me from the driver's seat.

"Right on time, Swift Rouge," said the mysterious masked figure. I shoved the artefact-whatchamacallit and the fireball slingshot thing. I heard noises. He was watching a replay of my entire sojourn in the house on video!

"Good job. In three weeks you will be formally inducted into the official Neopian Crime Leauge." Then he drove off. I went home. Yeeeaaarrrgghh. I'm gonna go back to bed.

sneak past the guards

Faugh. [22 Oct 2004|08:08pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I've been busy lately... just got an offer for an UBER hard job.

So, I was busy breaking into a house, and then the phone rang. Being a tired idiot, I answered it.

"Hello, Split Lupe. I have a job for you." Oh, crumbs. Someone saw me. I grabbed a bag of Neopoints and hightailed it out of there, going home. The next morning, the phone rang.

"Hello, Split Lupe. I have a job for you." The voice was devoid of all emotion. It was really scary. So, I said,
"What do you want?"
"Just what I said. I have a job for you. Meet me at the Test Your Strength booth in half an hour." CLICK. I stared at the phone. Oh, holy cruddyMyncis, I thought. Resigned, I picked up my stuff and went.

When I reached the Test your Strength booth, there was a mysterious figure in a trenchcoat and a mask there. It looked like a Poogle, but I couldn't really tell.

"Hello, Swift Rouge." That just shut me down. First of all, it was even scarier to hear that emotionless voice in person, and second of all, only the theives in my trusted circle knew my code name. How did this masked stranger know my name?

"Swift Rouge, I have a job for you. Complete it in a week and you shall reap a great reward. Finish any later than that and..." He made a sound like CKKK! and drew a finger across his (or her) throat. I finally realised that the masked stranger was anthro. ( I am too, just to let ya know. Ignore my icon, I'm too lazy to do anything else.) When I looked back, the masked stranger was gone and I had a roll of paper in my paw. How ironic. I'm the best theif in the unnoficial Neopian Crime League (there is an official one, I'm hoping for an invite) and I'm being played like a piano.

So I opened the scroll. My job detail is:

Steal from who: A big, buff Green Gelert named Yericko.
Where: A large mansion out in the countryside.
What needs to be stolen: An ancient artefact called the Yidom, plus anything else I can find, Neopoints, weapons, food, even unattached petpets.
Why: Unknown.
Reward: 500,000 neopoints, hi-tech Battledome weapons, and an invite into the official Neopian Crime League.
What happenes if I fail: Um... not anything good. Probably extreme pain.
Other details: No security guards. Hi-tech security system. Unable to scale from outside, must get in from ground floor.

I better get started. This is gonna be one hard job...

sneak past the guards

Brrr. [02 Oct 2004|09:49am]
[ mood | cold ]

Well, since Nerped is such a cheapskate, she turned off the heat. "Its so HOT here, we don't need it!" she said.
How ironic. Today is freezing.
Arian can't talk right now because I poured water over his face and, guess what, it froze.
Aria went to go groom herself with some Rain Water Shampoo, and guess what, it froze.
Gremdit tripped and spilled water on the refrigerator door. Now we can't get it open.
Excuse me, I have to go defrost my feet.

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Hi. [30 Sep 2004|06:21pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, I now have a Livejournal. (Partly because Arian will go bonkers once he finds out...) Ha ha. His nerves are already frazzled from the Kougra update, so its so easy to set him off!

sneak past the guards

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